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5 thoughts on “ Dreams Of Sleeping Forever

  1. You are given the chance to sleep forever and live in your perfect dream life, but you have leave behind the people who love you: What do you do? Because even if it’s forever it’s a dream, not reality. And the dream life would soon get boring. level 1. Score hidden · 1 minute ago.
  2. I know of a way to accomplish such a thing without involving death of the physical body, but it is extremely time consuming and difficult, and I don’t recommend attempting to go down such a path because a nigh eternal/potentially eternal dream is.
  3. Precisely as in death, the consciousness during sleep becomes, following upon a brief period of complete unconsciousness, the seat or active focus of forms of inner mental activity which we call dreams.
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  5. REM sleep occurs three to four times a night, and the final stint of REM sleep, when dreams are most vivid, takes place late in the sleep cycle, usually in the morning before you wake up.

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