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  1. Obatala continued to live on the earth that he had created with only his black cat for company. Then one day he said to himself, "I love my cat, but it companionship does not satisfy me.
  2. Dec 05,  · Obatala, is the chief of the White Cloth, the Orisha who in Yoruba cosmology, first descended from heaven to earth with the tools for making the earth livable for humans. Obatala is considered the father of all orisa and is said to make the inner and outer heads of all humans. Obatala is associated with purity, ethics and humility.
  3. Obatala is known like the great God. He belongs to the psychic system, that is to the belief in the being of the spirit and the soul. He dominates in the adoration and respect to a great number of Yoruba's and influences easily in their religious waykaricasicomppemondmittthedosin.xyzinfo anthropomorphic description (that attributes to God in human figure) it takes him near the humanity, While is OLODUMARE, is found to be.
  4. Obatala presides over the other Orishas and intervenes with their arguments and disagreements. He is widely respected as a fair and patient judge. Obatala is married to Yemana, the goddess of the ocean, and is father to many Orishas. The Image of Obatala Always dressed in white, Obatala .
  5. Sep 15,  · Obatala is the owner of the white metals, especially silver. Represents the creation that is not necessarily pristine, so magnanimous and above, also the pride, anger, despotism and those with defects and physical and mental difficulties. Obatala embraces all her children with patience and love.
  6. Obatala em Cuba também é conhecido por outros nomes, Obatalá Babbadé, Ochanlá, Báhálúbbó, Alamoréré, veste de branco e suas manifestações são guerreiras. [ 4 ] [ 5 ] [ 6 ] Referências.
  7. Orichas have different caminos or paths, meaning that the same Oricha can be manifested through different avatars. Obatalá can be either male or female, depending on his waykaricasicomppemondmittthedosin.xyzinfo example, Obatalá Ocha Griñán, Obatalá Obu Moró, and Obatalá Ayáguna are male; Obatalá Obanlá, Obatalá Ochanlá, and Obatalá Alaguema are female.
  8. Mar 27,  · Obatala: KING OF THE LIGHT AT THE CROSSROADS. KING OF THE LIGHT AT THE CROSSROADS. Olodùmarè (Creator) called Obàtálá (King of the White light at the crossroads) to Ikòlé Òrun (Realm of the Immortals), on the day Olodùmarè wanted Obàtálá to create dry land on the waters of Ikòlé Ayé (Earth). Obàtálá kneeled before Olodùmarè.

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