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9 thoughts on “ Dont Buy Drugs Off The Street - David Nudelman - Short-Term Memories (CD, Album)

  1. David Bowie, An obsession with the occult and Nietzsche; a fusion of US funk with the sounds of the German electronic underground – the Thin White Duke’s album has so much more.
  2. By: Nella Rae Rap and Hip Hop artists today often are ridiculed by older generations for the blatant promotion of drug use in their music and the heavy influence it has on this generation. The idea that original gansta rappers made drug dealer music, but newer rappers are making drug user music has been a recurring topic of debate.
  3. First Listen: The War On Drugs, 'Lost In The Dream' Highly emotional rock that reads as low-stakes at first, Lost in the Dream is evocative and pleasant if you let it float by in the background.
  4. And don't do a taste test. Cedric Voets is a total square who gets nervous popping an aspirin. For more of his attempts at witticisms or his famous recipes for toilet wine, do follow him on Twitter. Also check out 5 Drugs That Turn Your World Into A Real-Life Horror Movie and 5 Awful Things I Learned About Drugs Working At A Pharmacy.
  5. Sex and drugs - they go hand in hand with rock n' roll, as we know all too well. While a sexy number can be veiled with notions of love, songs about substances are often a little bitter hidden.
  6. Still, people who had shopped at Best Buy in recent years weren't exactly surprised at the move. Anecdotal evidence suggests that the CD section (and selection) in stores has been shrinking for years.
  7. A little-known synthetic hallucinogen with only a brief history of use, 2C-P is reportedly a long-lasting and very potent drug. Its intense psychedelic effects don't begin until a few hours after.
  8. It’s a new drug that appeared in Russia since The drug is the combination of codeine, paint thinner, gasoline, iodine, hydrochloric acid, and the red phosphorous from matchbox strike pads. It’s one of the deadliest street drugs to ever exist. Also, the people taking the drug have a life expectancy of a year or two years.
  9. Classic Songs About Drug Use, Drug Selling and the Drug War 01/24/ pm ET Updated Mar 26, FILE - In this Wednesday, Nov. 7, file photo, a medical marijuana plant grows at the Northwest Patient Resource Center medical marijuana dispensary, in Seattle.

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